• Geneva Motion Pictures is looking for a business partner to implement the ULTIMATE MARKETING PLATFORM. The film BoxedInWithYou is to be presented exclusively on the website of the partner company (consumer goods company or any company looking to increase its number of online visitors) for a period of time (e.g. Winter Holiday 2016/17). VISITORS SHOULD BE ABLE TO WATCH THE MOVIE ONLINE FOR FREE. A column next to the movie will show product ads synchronized with the movie. E.g. Actress wears a nice green T-shirt -> The green T-shirt can be added to the shopping cart on a side panel during the movie.

    Please contact Nuria Ballmer at (617) 784-1760 for more information.

  • “Boxed In With You” Trailer

  • Boxed In With You is a love story that follows Sarah, a young business woman, and Jason, a martial arts teacher. The film consists of three interlocking stories in which the audience witnesses Sarah's development in self-confidence, and growing ability to defend herself. Geneva Motion Pictures and Chris Teebo Films are co-producing a 90 minute feature length action-comedy film to promote self-confidence and self-defense principles.

    Contact Geneva Motion Pictures to learn more about this project.

  • Meet Sarah and Jason - Rehearsals

    Rehearsal & Behind The Scenes


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  • Boxed In With You

    A film about self confidence, self defense and the pursuit of happiness.


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